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Travel Talk

This travel discussion is the passport to a riveting afternoon. Through words, photos and film, we touch on fascinating sights, foods, cultures and customs found both in exotic corners of the globe and closer to home. Pack a sense of adventure!

Saturday Stretch

Saturday is the perfect time to shake the kinks out of the week in this self-paced class set to calming, serene music. While enjoying one another’s company, the class works out the tension in a series of stretches designed to increase flexibility, build muscle and improve balance.

Jewelry Making

In this artistic program, individuals express their creativity by designing unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pins, which make the perfect gifts for friends and family. An eclectic assortment of materials — such as beads, metals and thread — are used to create these one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

Afternoon Mixer

The sunny Broomall patio is the perfect setting for fresh air and lively conversation. Against a backdrop of delightful music, residents will enjoy lovely views and diverse viewpoints in this program designed by Mother Nature.

The Art of Flower Arranging

Rather than brushes and paint, residents work with palettes of colorful blooms and beautiful greenery from Broomall gardens to create gorgeous works of art that make the perfect centerpieces for our dining tables.

Music and Manicures

Two favorite activities come together in this wonderful blend of beautiful harmonies and gorgeous looks. Our talented nail artists will glam up our digits with a fresh new color or favorite hue, happily taking special requests for artistic touches like sequins and jewels. This is hands-down one of our most popular programs!

Popcorn and a Movie

Let’s cut the lights, roll the film and settle in with a bag of hot, buttered popcorn while enjoying star-studded comedies, action-packed adventure flicks, beloved classics and everything in between.

Coffee, Tea, Tunes and Chat

Over a cuppa’ joe or tea and some beautiful music, share your opinions about the topics of the hour. There’s nothing like the perfect blend of hot beverages, fresh-brewed conversation and invigorating beats to set the stage for an interesting afternoon.

On This Day

The focus of this fascinating historical discussion group is on the significant events that took place on this day in past years. This program provides a never-ending supply of compelling topics, from famous moments in sports to royal weddings to great scientific discoveries.


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